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Steph and Avery here!

Avery is on the right, with the suspenders and the sweet cut; Steph is on the left with the lizard hat and butt planets shirt. When you book our Photo + Film bundle package, these awkward faces are the ones you’ll be seeing on your wedding day!

We met a few years ago when Steph was taking photos of Avery. Almost immediately, we became fast friends and have worked together as often as possible ever since. In 2019, we joined together to offer our Photo +Film packages; we pride ourselves on creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere, working seamlessly together so you can enjoy your day to the fullest.

Steph is our photographer and has an innate ability to set even the most camera shy couples at ease. She takes a fly-on-the-wall approach to documenting weddings, melting into the background to capture those fleeting yet emotionally charged moments of your day. Her evocative style helps to set the tone during portraits; from fun and upbeat wedding party photos, to intimate and romantic couple’s portraits that capture your unique bond.

Avery is our filmmaker. They have a very engaging and captivating style to their films that focus on each couple and their story. Every film is uniquely tailored to each couple, with a strong focus on audio and story in every film. Together, Avery and Steph help you to revel in each moment of your day, then help you create the story you’ll tell for years to come!

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