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Michelle & David


“We are writers. Countless hours of our relationship, and years before it, have been spent weaving stories, crafting worlds and letting our imaginations flow; and yet, I have found that my words have failed me.”

When first speaking to Michelle and David, I was thrilled to learn that they were as into DnD (if not more so) as I am! In fact, our initial meeting was far less about their wedding day and far more about the shenanigans our parties have gotten up to. 


Michelle and David wanted their wedding to reflect their mutual love of storytelling and games, and they did such an incredible job of doing so still while creating a really elegant experience. The centerpieces were a subtle nod to the 20 sided dice, there was a crossword puzzle devoted to their DnD lore, and when they couldn’t decide who would read their vows first, David and Michelle rolled for initiative!

Even when plans drastically changed throughout their day (hello torrential downpour right before their outdoor ceremony), David and Michelle remembered the most important rule of DnD - you can spend all the time in the world planning but, in the end, what matters is how you show up in the moment. 


Wedding Videographer: Azalea Photo and Film

Wedding Photographer: Mitch Hitley

Venue: The Glen at Crossmount

DJ: Armed with Harmony

Day of Coordinator and Decor: Lace and Lotus

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